UV3 Technology

The best for Nails and Pain Free Laser Hair Removal all over the Toronto, Canada

Yeti Nails & Spa, where you can find the perfect painless laser hair removal and top-rated nail care. Get the future of hair removal with our leading UV3 technology to ensure smooth, hair-free results with maximum comfort. 

Welcome to Yeti Nails & Spa

Welcome to Yeti Nails & Spa, where beauty meets innovation in the heart of Toronto, Canada! We never compromise on our commitment to giving you the best beauty solutions—from the ancient craft of traditional threading (khite) to the most modern painless laser hair removal procedures.

Aside from our innovative hair removal services, we also provide incredible nail care and great spa services to nourish you from head to toe. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with only the best services possible in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

If you want an overall mixture of both modern and classic, check out the Yeti Nails & Spa. Your journey for beauty and pleasure will start here.

Our Services

We provides satifactory services to our valued customers, devised to revolutionize the day spa and esthetic world, servicess high class experience at an affordable price.

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

We've been using cutting-edge technology to ensure a smooth painless procedure, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey to smooth, hair-free skin.

Skin Tag Removal

We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin. If you have skin tags that are causing you discomfort or affecting your confidence. Say goodby to skin tag.

Nails Beautification

We offer a range of services dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of your nails. Elevate your style and embrace beautiful, well-groomed nails with us.


We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin. If you have skin tags that are causing you discomfort or affecting your confidence. Say goodby to skin tag.

Clinical Spa Services

Our mission is simply to revolutionize the world of beauty by delivering unmatched service at prices that won’t break the bank. Come and experience a luxurious and healing paradise that is specifically designed for you. 

IPL Acne Clearance

At our Spa, IPL Acne Clearance effectively targets and reduces acne breakouts using Intense Pulsed Light technology. This simple treatment helps to clear up acne-prone skin by targeting bacteria and reducing inflammation, resulting in a clearer complexion. The gentle, patient nature of IPL therapy has placed it on top lists for individuals seeking clearer, healthier skin with no downtime or side effects. 

Spider Vein Treatment

Our Spider Vein Treatment is a non-invasive solution to reduce the appearance of spider veins on the skin. The newest techniques, such as laser therapy will be used to slowly fade these unsightly spider veins and revive the skin for an overall better appearance. Our warm and gentle spa atmosphere puts clients at ease who have these common cosmetic issues. 

Lumi Light Skin Rejuvenation

This spa offers Lumi Light Skin Rejuvenation, a highly advanced treatment using LED technology to help reclaim skin texture and tone, enhancing your appearance in general. This gentle, quick procedure stimulates collagen production for fine lines and wrinkle formation and leaves the complexion glowing with refreshed radiance. Clients can relax in a soothing spa environment while receiving this nourishing treatment, leaving their skin looking refreshed and revitalized. 


The microdermabrasion services provide exfoliating treatments for the restoration and regeneration of skin cells without an offending procedure. It is a non-invasive, painless process that peels off dead skin cells, opens up pores, and increases cell turnover. It removes fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. The skin of people having this type of treatment is restored in a calm, fresh environment.

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